The goal for most businesses for their internet marketing is to create repeat and referral business. Here, I am going to share with you the elements required to achieve this goal.


Target Market: Firstly, know your target audience. Decide what type of customers you would like to attract, think about their needs and customise your marketing to target them. You need to connect with them. Ask yourself the questions they will want answered when they visit your site and make sure you address these in a succict fashion.

Design Matters: The purpose of your internet marketing is to convert visitors into customers. The design needs to speak to your visitors and explain quickly and easily what they have found.

Call To Action: Call to action (CTA) is the most important link on your webpage, your internet marketing should be designed to focus your visitors attention to make the decision to click through. This is usually in the form of a button. Some examples of CTA include: “Buy It” “Contact Us” “Apply” “Request a callback”. You can guage success of your internet campaign by how many visitors answered the Call to action. In my tech support business Fix My Tech, the call to action encourages the visitors to make contact either by telephone or on-line contact form.