What was wrong? Why can’t we open Word Documents?

When Shaike brought a Dell laptop to us Word documents could not open, PDFs wouldn’t open either and some Windows features had failed. When clicking to open a Word document or PDF an error message appeared and the customer was unable to complete his work. The problem was solved in one hour at minimum cost.

How we got the documents to open again

Our technician suspected an issue with the Windows 10 installation so we made a backup of the computer to ensure all data was safe. Because many different programs and features were broken repairing Windows was the first step.
First, our computer technician insured Windows 10 was up to date. Next, it was a matter of manually repairing the current Windows installation. Using the Microsoft DISM tool our technician performed a health check on the installation with repaired the corrupted Windows files.

Here is an article on how to check the health of your windows installation.

Our technician then checked the health of the computer’s disk and repaired more corrupted files.
After a quick restart, all features were fully functional. The computer could open Word documents again and every other file on the computer.

How could we have helped remotely?

If you can’t open Word documents or any other files we can help with remote support. Remote support connects you to a technician who accesses your computer to fix it. In this case, all of the steps we performed could have been done remotely.

If there are any files on your computer that you can’t open or cannot access our technicians can help. We are friendly and eager to solve your technical problems. Do not hesitate to contact us and arrange to bring your computer to the workshop or organise remote support.

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