Computer tuneup completed in Brighton

Kerrie in Brighton needed her work computer tuned up. It was running slow and had annoying pop ups. We identified unwanted software which was causing the popups and optimised the computer with our tune up service. All tested OK.

Laptop screen replacement

Laptop with a cracked screen came in. We replaced it same day within just a few hours, a prompt service we offer here.

Laptop Repair Melbourne

Fixed slow laptop computer in caulfield

David from caulfield presented a work laptop computer that was running very slow. We backed up his data and upgraded his laptop with faster storage. Now the laptop is running better than new.

Refurbished older macbook

We repaired a 2009 Macbook laptop that came in running very slowly and unresponsive. We gave it a full clean out of dust and upgraded the hard drive. The macbook pro range are very well made computers and worth repairing. It now runs on a blazing fast SSD hard drive which has increased its speed by up to 20X, faster than when it was brand new due to the new hard drive technology. The user’s data was migrated to the new drive.

We recommend anyone who has an old macbook pro lying around to give it a second life with out apple Macbook tuneup and repair service.

Laptop Fan Replacement in Caulfield

Laptop came in with a malfunctioning fan causing the laptop to come up with errors and switch off. We replaced the fan same day and applied some fresh thermal paste and cleaned the laptop of dust to improve performance.

Run Windows on Mac Apple MAC repair in Melbourne

A customer came in wanting Point of sale business software and Microsoft Office that was windows only compatible installed on a Macbook Air laptop. We installed Bootcamp on the machine and put on Windows 10. As the customer requires Windows the laptop now boots into Windows by default and everything runs as it should. We provide expert Business support and for Apple MAC laptops and Apple MAC Desktops.

Laptop Repair Melbourne- Laptop overheating and turning off in Malvern.

A HP business laptop was repaired in Melbourne and was turning off frequently. We diagnosed this to be an overheating issue, a common issue on some laptop models. We removed and repaired the laptop problem components, cleaned them from dust and applied fresh thermal paste. The laptop now runs at a low temperature, more quietly and most importantly doesn’t turn off.

Macbook Screen Replacements in Caulfield

A macbook pro 13″ and 15″ came in with broken screens. Both were repaired promptly and are now as good as new. We regularly repair laptop screens at Fix My Tech.

Data Recovery Melbourne

Data Recovery in Caulfield

A customer came in who had deleted some important files a few weeks ago thinking they had been backed up. With our special software we were able to recover the wiped files and offered a reliable backup solution. A happy customer.

New Laptop Setup in Brighton

Setup and configured a new laptop with Windows 10 for business use. Microsoft office and anti virus were installed and data was migrated from old laptop including Outlook emails. Multiple screens were configured using a Toshiba Dynadock. Old laptop was wiped and setup to use as a spare.