Computer Repair

Laptop Tuneup Service in Caulfield

Sophie in Caulfield requested help fixing her slow laptop. We performed a full tune-up and upgraded the storage to solid state disk (SSD). The laptop performed 10 times faster after the service and we returned the laptop making it function better than when it was new.

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Computer Repair

Windows 10 updates support

One of our clients reached out for windows 10 support. Windows 10 updates were automaticly installed but were causing issues such as freezing and generally running slow. We carefully finetuned the system and applied seurity patches and updates Badly configured drives were updated and replaced and the system was given Read more…

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Computer Repair

Fix Wifi problems at home

Residential client was seeking support for slow internet and wireless connection at his premises. The symptoms were: Internet dropping out WiFi running slow VPN interfering with the internet connection. The modem needed to be constantly restarted and was an inconvenience.  After a short investigation we installed powerline adapters and made Read more…

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