What was the issue?​

Noah came by the workshop with his daughter’s school laptop, due to an accident it was completely out of shape. Fortunately for Noah and his daughter, the information inside the laptop is safe and even better the laptop warranty was still valid. Thanks to the warranty a computer replacement was the perfect solution.

The laptop was not a candidate for repair. The screen had been destroyed and many other parts bent or broken. Due to the strange nature of the damage, the laptop was a candidate for replacement under the HP warranty program. This allowed us to source a brand new laptop at no additional cost to Noah.

Check the warranty of you HP computer

Warranty computer replacement

Before sending your laptop back to the manufacturer it is essential that you back up your files if you want to keep them. Many times it is cheaper for the manufacturer to send you a replacement rather than fix the damage to the existing laptop. That’s exactly what our computer technicians did, we made a full backup of the school work and personal files on the laptop to protect all of the data on the machine. After making the backup we sent the computer back to HP and soon enough a perfect replacement arrived.

Setting up a new computer

Now our technicians the new computer it was a simple matter of configuring the machine just how it was before. Using the backup we made we were able to restore everything from the old computer to the new one. This whole process resulted in a computer that worked far better than the old one even before it was damaged. Check out our post regarding Computers Upgraded in 15 Minutes

This outcome could not have been better. It was a fast solution and the most cost-effective way possible to get Noah up and running again with a brand new computer. At Fix My Tech we are experienced in dealing with computer warranty. Our experience allows us to move the process along very quickly to accelerate the replacement of your computer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us or come by the workshop if you want to check if warranty computer replacement is an option for you, or if you have any IT concerns at all.