Kerrie in Brighton needed her work computer tuned up. It was running slowly and had annoying pop-ups. She brought her computer to the experienced technicians here at Fix My Tech and after our computer tuneup service, her computer was as good as new.

During our tuneup service, we identified malware on her computer. Malware is created by malicious groups to harm your computer and try to steal your data. Malware is a very common cause of a slow computer.

The malware on this computer was causing pop-ups to appear and harass anyone who tried to use the computer. Pop-ups will often use scare tactics to try and get you to click something or hand over personal information. By removing the malware from the computer we stopped the pop-ups from targeting Kerrie.

Now that the malware was removed it was safe to continue to optimise the computer. Once it was returned to Kerrie it was as good as new and so much faster than when we first got it.

Our computer tuneup service will insure you are getting to best possible performance out of your current hardware. Our technicians are experts at computer optimisation for both Mac and PC. At Fix My Tech we are eager and happy to help, please give us a ring on 9016 5383. Check out our post regarding computer replacement under warranty