When we got a call from a local pharmacy stating that they couldn’t dispense medicine, we knew it was an emergency.

The pharmacist was completely unable to give medicine to her customers all because her computers we not keeping up with the task. Within 5 minutes of the phone call, our technicians had remotely diagnosed the issue and found replacement parts to get the computers up to speed.

The pharmacy computers were running out of RAM, a very common cause of slow computers when a heavy workload is required. Unfortunately, the fix was not so simple. In order to replace the RAM, all sales machines would be taken offline. For every minute the computer was being upgraded there was money being left on the table. For every minute it was not upgraded patients couldn’t get their medicine.

In total from the moment the first computer was powered down until all computers were back online, there were fewer than 15 minutes of outage.

Thanks to the experience of technicians at Fix My Tech upgrades like this can be carried out during a busy day with absolute minimal disruption to normal business. Experience meant the upgrade went perfectly, the first time, as quickly as possible.

If you run a small business and can’t afford to have tech issues weigh you down, Fix My Tech is the right fit for you. Our technicians are experienced with small business operations and understand how outages can have enormous associated costs. We are committed to ensuring quality service every time. Check out our post regarding Computer tuneup completed in Brighton

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