Bec in Caulfield had an old desktop computer which needed a computer repair. It would have been alot of time and money to refurbish it and it was over 7 years old. It made sense to get a new computer which would be reliable and transfer all the files and settings.

We sourced a new computer for her with very good specifications. The new computer was fast with lots of Memory. All of Bec’s files and settings were carefully copied to the new computer and the software was configured so everything worked like before except faster and with no bugs.

Our service for setting up a new computer is thorough. We make sure the new computer is fully configured with all of your programs, settings and files. This means when you sit down to use it for the first time, almost-all the annoying things have been taken care of. We also follow up with short telephone support sessions to explain and improve your computer. You might be interested in Desktop Computer Repair in Caulfield