Erica’s laptop was over 7 years old and had been repaired once before, it was running very slowly and needed a lot of work to get it running well. She decided to replace the laptop rather than repair it as a new laptop would work so much better than repairing her 7-year-old laptop.

We helped her choose an excellent laptop in her budget and made sure she got the most “bang for her buck”.

We went by our 8 tips for choosing a laptop: Size, Processor, RAM, Storage, Graphics, Battery, Weight, and Cost. You can read more about our 8 Tips for choosing a laptop here.

Erica’s new laptop was fully configured by our team. We transferred all of her files and programs to the new laptop and made sure it was fully configured. All of her email accounts were connected and we made sure she had some specific software she wanted installed and configured.

Our process was easy, Erica left her old and new laptop in our office for a day and we did everything to make her new laptop work like her old one with everything fully configured for her so she could pick up where she left off.

Buying a new computer is sometimes the best option because a new one can be much faster than a repaired old one. In this case Ericas new computer was 10 times faster than her old one. When pressing the power button the new laptop loads in seconds.

We worked out that Erica will be saving hours every day now that she doesn’t need to wait for her computer to finish loading.

If your computer takes ages to load, we recommend reaching out to us, we can help by either refurbishing your old computer or helping you get a new computer fully configured.