These days everyone has a gamer in their life. Friend or family member, young or old, the hobby has been dramatically increasing in popularity for years now. So, many of us will understand the frustration that comes with technical issues ruining an otherwise fun experience. That is exactly what had been happening to Joelle’s son when he tried to game. His brand-new computer would randomly shut off with no warning. Thankfully, Joelle knew that the technicians at Fix My Tech offers custom gaming computer repair!

The computer was very high spec and extremely powerful. When handling a computer like this keeping everything cooled is of the highest priority.

One of our technicians rapidly determined that the cooling solution for this computer was simply not good enough. The CPU, the brain of the computer was getting so hot it was essentially cooking itself! The CPU was hot enough to boil water and the cooler it was attached to simply could not keep up.

When this happens the CPU first slows down, you will experience poor performance from your computer. If this automatic safety step fails or isn’t enough the computer will abruptly turn off to avoid damaging itself.

Despite the complex nature of cooling a computer, this powerful Fix My Tech was able to source and install a vastly superior cooler the very same day.

Just like that Joelle’s son was back to his gaming sessions the high-end CPU was down from over 100 degrees to just about 63 degrees which is a perfect temperature.

If your computer is giving you trouble Fix My Tech repairs and upgrades all from the old work laptop you have laying around up to the brand new high-performance gaming machine Joelle brought us.

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