Greg called us to come out to his home in Port Melbourne for some general technical and computer assistance. Our technician was at his doorstep that morning ready and eager to take care of Greg’s tech needs.

Greg’s desktop icons had changed and/or gone completely missing as someone else had been using the computer. These icons were recovered and reconfigured in fewer than 5 minutes. The use of these icons is something we keep in mind the whole way through our service as our solutions are completely personalised to the way our customers want to use their computers. Therefore, as Greg demonstrated the common ways he uses his computer and what he would like to do with it, we added a few more icons and made them easy to find, that way Greg could complete all his computer tasks with ease.

Once the desktop icons had been recovered it was on to security. Greg indicated that someone else had been using the computer and that he was suspicious of their activity on there. Our technician showed the full history of the computer use over the time period in question in order to keep Greg’s mind at peace. As a result of this discussion, we also ran a security check on the computer to ensure everything on there was both trustworthy and required, this will lead to both the safest and fastest experience. Check out our post regarding fix slow internet and wifi black

Finally, as it became apparent that internet banking was one of the primary tasks completed on Greg’s computer our technician configured Greg’s Microsoft Edge profile such that he was never more than 2 clicks away from all of his internet banking tasks. This dramatically streamlined the internet banking process and removed some of the security risks inherently associated with internet banking to ensure Greg’s accounts stay safe and secure.

It was a pleasure helping Greg with his tech issues. All our staff are friendly and love engaging with people to solve their problems and make their lives easier. Find out more about Laptop repair with Fix My Tech. to see how we can help you with any faulty laptop.