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Excellent experience with Fix My Tech! Uriel is so helpful with everything from hardware upgrades, support & useful advice for my small business, and even assistance & troubleshooting for my mobile phone. Highly recommend and will continue to use them for all my tech more
Danielle Goldschlager
20:27 16 Feb 24
I would highly recommend Fix My Tech. Have dealt with both Josh and Uri in the past 12 months. They were both fantastic. Pleasant, knowledgeable, helpful and patient with my numerous more
Jane Kang
22:13 10 Jan 24
Uri was really helpful and knowledgeable about fixing my pc, I would recommend his services highly!
Lily Agatic
06:33 26 Dec 23
The quality and pleasantness of the service was absolutely fabulous. Solved my issue within minutes. I would highly recommend this company!
Peter Hatherley
06:17 20 Sep 23
My laptop wifi driver stopped working and I called Fix My Tech to see if I could come in to have it checked. Uri called me back the same day and talked me through how to fix the issue myself, free of charge! Amazing service, will definitely be using the company for any future more
Lauren S
03:42 14 Sep 23
Josh was fantastic, extremely helpful, knowledgeable and honest. I appreciate all his help and advice he provided me. I will absolutely be back!
Michael Kahan
03:31 21 Jul 23
Thank you Uri for sending someone so expert and such good company and helped my day considerably. Joan Walker
Joan Walker
02:51 18 Jul 23
I was very impressed with Josh he was very knowledgeable and I liked that he was honest with me and didn't try and upsell me something I didn't need. I would definitely use this business again and I highly recommend more
Ben Coburn
03:39 08 Jul 23
I've used this place a few times and despite moving further away I've come back to use them again. They are quick, knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend them!
Kate H
01:31 23 May 23
I had an old MacBook that I no longer use and I wanted to recycle. I contacted Fix My Tech for help as I wanted to ensure any data on the laptop was removed before recycling. Josh was very helpful in advising me of my options. Josh was professional, courteous and I highly recommend this business. Thank you, more
David Quinn
03:16 22 May 23
Great, fast and fair on price service. I had my laptop backup and running in an hour!. Highly recommended.
Daniel Woltema
07:33 20 Apr 23
Uri was Fantastic called him dropped my computer off within 30 mins to recover files and set up a MYOB account got it back next day with everything completed Fantastic Service
Karen Bytel
02:18 19 Apr 23
Josh at Fix My Tech did a great job fixing our gaming computer within the day and was very reasonably priced. Great service.
Tearuu _
03:48 27 Nov 22
Uri was a great help when we had a urgent networking issue. He got us back up and running within a couple of hours. His advice was clear and we are very happy with the result. If you want a great professional service, I would recommend him wholeheartedly. Ben Viva Photographyread more
Moonee Ponds Team
05:59 17 Nov 22
Josh was great, really helpful and professional. Replaced my computer battery on the spot, reasonably priced and great service. Thanks!
Caron Israelsohn
09:12 29 Sep 22
Good pricing and excellent service. Also beautiful people! Helped me for my working life so much! They really know what they're doing
Milagros GĂŒemes
08:50 12 Sep 22
Josh came on site to fix an old PC not starting. He was polite, efficient and friendly. He determined it was the power supply as flagged on the phone, replaced it with the new one he brought along in case and the PC then started up as normal. He communicated everything clearly and was not fussed about the age of the PC or the dust inside! Great relief and chance to back up. In comparison, we had tried a big company franchise that advertises on site repairs and that person didn't even test anything or look inside and just wanted to take it to 'the workshop'. I had given the same information to both repairers but Fix My Tech gave a personal excellent service and got the job done on site. Thanks more
Kate O'Brien
01:47 31 Jul 22
Urie was incredible! He solved 5 weeks worth of our office internet issues in two hours. He was quick, efficient, cost effective and explained things thoroughly without being condescending. 10/10 reccommend!read more
Tess Emmerson
05:11 07 Jun 22
10/10. Could not recommend this place enough!!! The quickest and kindest service in history. Such an awesome little spot with even more awesome people. Thank you Fix My Tech! Life more
Holly Davies
05:10 26 May 22
Excellent service, definitely recommend! Our issue was hard to reproduce but Uriel made it his mission to resolve it for us. Great value for money.
David Lynch
03:25 26 May 22
Window's crashed on my laptop, Uri answered my query very quickly . Pricing was good and my lap top was returned later that afternoon with windows functioning. Uri was great to work with and will be my go to for my IT needs from now on. 🙂read more
Celeste Ramsay
02:01 26 May 22
Great response to my dell laptop failure. Quickly wrapped up SSD into USB enclosure. Thx heaps.
Scott Green
07:26 13 May 22
First class service. Can't rate highly enough.
Sarah Pihan
03:35 06 May 22
Uriel went above and beyond to fix my laptop the other week, not only did he explain clearly what needed to be done and was very clear about the cost beforehand, but he also gave me an incredibly fair price. He made sure I wouldn't spend more on my laptop than the price of a new one, and for someone who is new to laptop issues, this was super helpful for me. I went home with a perfectly working laptop, couldn't recommend this guy more!read more
Lauren Elizabeth
22:21 29 Mar 22
Josh at Fix My Tech was really helpful and solved all my problems . Not only was he efficient but he was generally interested in helping me solve any of my issues and offered any explanation to things I didn’t understand. Thank you Josh !!read more
naomi jagoda
03:27 28 Feb 22
Thanks for the advice : dpc-watchdog-violation-blue-screen-on-telstra-wifi. I followed your advice and it works perfectly. Before I tried many other advices but non worked.
Binh Thanh Nguyen
12:19 06 Oct 21
Did excellent job on my laptop
06:56 17 May 21
If you have a problem with your computer and you need it fixed fast I highly recommend Fix My Tech. When I dropped my 10 year old computer off, it was flashing a blue screen and all my files were gone. Not only was the broken part fixed before the end of the day, Uri spent a couple of extra hours the next day remotely tuning, installing and uploading a few hard to find files for me. Excellent service where nothing was too much of a problem. Thanks more
06:19 28 Apr 21
These guys did a great job refurbishing our IMAC- it is a 2011 model! It is running better than ever now. We wondered initially whether it was going to be worth fixing or just buying another one, but 3 months on and I can say that we definitely made the right more
enzo di felice
01:30 19 Mar 21
Great service ! My laptop was repaired within a few hours ! Thank you!!
10:57 08 Feb 21
Good quick service.
Jack Treffry
07:45 03 Feb 21
Great service and very responsive. Replaced the power supply and fan on my PC same day and at a very reasonable price. Would recommend their service to anyone.
01:13 01 Feb 21
Very customer focused, knowledgeable, and friendly. A helpful, can-do attitude. Very different to other places that say you have to leave it with us but we won't even look at it for a week! Thank more
Jonathan Pangu
02:37 22 Sep 20
URI provided an excellent analysis to confirm there was a fault in my NBN connection including speed testing. This was superior to Telstra efforts using text messaging and prolonged delays. NBN does not communicate with customers directly and Telstra seems to no longer provide an opportunity to speak with someone. URI filled the gap and service now more
George Morstyn
19:38 25 Aug 20
Very professional and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend Fix My Tech to my friends. Thank you Urei.
Angela Rosato
06:34 28 Jul 20
Great service and fantastic advice
Dan A'Vard
03:58 09 May 20
The team at Fix My Tech were very helpful in the buying of a new computer and setting it up for me. Urei was knowledgeable, professional and patient with his help and follow-up tech support. Highly recommended. Thanks more
Lee-anne Meyer
01:55 18 Apr 20
Just had an issue with my Windows 10 desktop update causing my PC to non-function: much like have a virus infection. It turned out to be an incomplete-error update thanks to Microsoft. Within a day it was fixed (the full update) and working as normal. Uriel and college present as a competent professional team who I would trust again with my PC, full of over 10 years worth of data and programs. Mmmm, they may charged slightly more than expected but it was worth the more
Ivan Tchernegovski
09:51 19 Feb 20
My computer was running ridiculously slow for work. Uriel was there quicker than my computer was taking to boot up! Great service. Lovely manner. Really happy with my computer now. Thank you. Highly recommend this more
Lisa McCallum
04:39 12 Dec 19
I have used Fix my Tech for over 10 years, the service is exceptional, Uriel and the team are highly knowledgeable! Uriel usually can solve my problems by remote work but also does home visits. I always ask Uriel for advice when purchasing new computers he is more
Rosa Cerra
00:28 30 Nov 19
Fantastic customer service. Highly recommend and wouldn’t take my tech anywhere else.
Simon Bampfield
00:42 06 Jun 19
For all your tech needs and solutions. Amazing knowledge and great customer service. I needed a business solution after hours and they were amazing! Thanks Fix My Tech.
adam haber
06:52 16 May 19
For all your tech needs and solutions. Amazing knowledge and great customer service. I needed a business solution after hours and they were amazing! Thanks Fix My Tech.
adam haber
06:52 16 May 19
Expert and generous support, fixed a malware MacBook issue over the phone FOC, and resurrected my old Imac to a faster and fully functioning desktop after apple told me to bin it! 5*****read more
Expert and generous support, fixed a malware MacBook issue over the phone FOC, and resurrected my old Imac to a faster and fully functioning desktop after apple told me to bin it! 5*****read more
I have used Fix My Tech for the last 5+ years both for my home IT and Business IT needs. Service is exceptional and the team is highly knowledgeable!
Daniel Madafferi
00:51 14 Mar 19
Great service, prompt, and provided a great outcome. Does all the little things to make your system operate at its full potential. Highly recommended.
Neil O'Sullivan
23:46 03 Sep 18
Uriel has been helping my on and off with computer issues for 5 years or so.. he gets 5 stars cause the service is outstanding and he's very time efficient in fixing the problem . gets the job done quick , the rates are very reasonable , he can fix it remotely . he's also been amazing at resolving a couple of my calls for some smaller issues over the phone (but were doing my head in ) and he hasn't charged me for them which is oustanding goodwill and means ill continue to go to him for future bigger jobs .. thanks uriel !!read more
Adrian Miller
20:41 26 Jul 18
My wife's laptop was running extremely slowly so I took it in to Fix My Tech to see what could be done to speed it up a bit. Uri suggested a SSD drive to replace the original drive and even talked me out of spending more on buying extra RAM. The new drive was installed the same day and the result was an awesome laptop. My own PC was also running very slowly with a boot-up taking lots of time, even though I know how to remove unnecessary start up entries. I rang Uri from hospital where I was being treated for pneumonia to discuss my options. The same remedy was suggested and when I was discharged and was able to go back home, Uri came to my place, collected my PC and returned it the next day with a new SSD drive and and blazing fast PC. As if that was not already great service, Uri then stayed another 30 minutes making some other minor adjustments to my installations and making sure that my system was running smoothly and even installed a program or two. None of these adjustments had to do with the new drive, Uri did them because he wanted me to have a great outcome from his involvement. To say that I did would be an understatement. Uri gave great expert service which left me with a huge smile on my face. As well as repairs, I understand that Uri is also available for regular tech support and maintenance of personal and business computers. I am in my 70's and now work "for the man" in a service industry after having spent my working like being self-employed. I have no hesitation in recommend Uri's Fix My Tech to anyone needing computer related assistance and do so wholeheartedly! Thank you Uri!read more
Peter Hersch
04:22 25 Jul 18
After struggling with problems with my old PC, Ive asked Fix my tech to help. Uri has done a great job setting up a new red hot Mac with all the additional software I need and its working really well. They are recommended Peterread more
Peter Seamer
06:51 18 Jul 18
These guys are the BEST!! After finding out my dodgy ebay charger had burnt my charge port on my macbook I was desperate to find someone who was able to fix it before an exam in a few days. Another buisness quoted me the same price but with 5 days turnaround. These guys offered me a student discount and due to my circumstances were able to rush it and get me a completely fixed comp within a few hours! I hope i don't have any reason to need my comp fixed again but i wouldn't be bothering to look anywhere elseread more
Georgia Hill
12:48 17 Jul 18

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Technical Support

On-site technical support and repairs.

MAC, PC and Servers

Business Support

Business technology experts.

We can help you set up and maintain your business networks, including configuring network hardware such as routers, switches, and firewalls, troubleshooting network connectivity issues, and implementing security measures to protect your data and privacy.

We can help you implement and maintain data backup solutions to ensure that your critical business data is always protected, and provide fast and effective data recovery services in case of data loss.

You may need help with sharing important company data with your team. We can create and implementing a robust document management system.

We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to protect your business from cyber threats such as malware, phishing, and hacking, as well as implement best practices for data protection and privacy.

We can help you set up and maintain phone and video conferencing systems to improve collaboration and communication within your business.

We can assist you with installing and maintaining hardware components such as servers, desktop computers, and laptops, as well as install and configure software applications that are essential for your business operations.

We offer regular maintenance services such as cleaning, optimizing, and updating your computer systems to ensure that they are running smoothly and efficiently, and help you identify areas for improvement to enhance your business productivity.

Home Support

Tech help at your doorstep.

Our experts can help you set up and manage your home network,  including WiFi, troubleshooting slow internet and dropouts, configuring network hardware, and optimizing network performance.

we can help you set up your home office, including configuring computers, printers, and other hardware, as well as ensuring reliable internet connectivity.

From desktops to laptops, printers, and other hardware components, we can fix your tech.

Don’t risk losing important files and data. Our data backup and recovery services provide peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure.

Our technicians can help you install and configure software applications, including productivity software, photo and video editing software, and antivirus software.

Protect your valuable data and ensure that your computer systems are secure with our virus and malware removal services.

We offer comprehensive support for your mobile devices, including troubleshooting, software updates, and data transfer.

We offer cloud storage solutions to protect your important pictures, movies and files. Cloud computing will help you access your files from anywhere hassle free.

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Our team becomes your team enabling you to tap into our full range of I.T services


Hardened and secure business grade e-mail services.


Speak with qualified and knowledgeable staff.


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We support and maintain all brands of laptops and desktops.


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