Our wireless Mesh devices will instantly fix your WiFi dead spots and help you get the most out of your internet connection

Mesh Device

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How fast is your Internet?

3 easy steps to check your speed below

You should get the same or similar speed anywhere in your house when the WiFi is working well

If your speed is better in some spots and worse in others than you could benefit from a Mesh WiFi System

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A weak WiFi signal will cause drop outs and slow internet. If your modem router is on the other end of the house then you probably need a signal booster. We find a “mesh” system with 3 boosters working as a team fixes this issue.

With more people using the WiFi at the same time a mesh system is the answer.

Affordable Mesh systems are great as they spread the load and make sure everyone in the house gets a decent connection. Check out our post regarding Easy steps to configure Gmail in Outlook

Wireless Mesh gives you full coverage when compared to a Router

WiFi Mesh is better than just a Router