Google no longer supports less secure apps.

Why is my Gmail in Outlook now working anymore?

Google recently stopped supporting any app that requires you sign in with just your Username and Password dubbing them as less secure. Google goes into more detail as to why they made these changes in this article.

There are two ways to sign in to your Google accounts in apps now:

  1. Sign in with Google. (Newer Apps and Devices)
    This is the preferred method and works on Secure Apps. The first part of this article will go into detail on Signing in with Google.
  2. Create an App Password for a less secure app. (Older Apps and Devices)
    This is the method used for: Older Apps, Printers, Older Phones and other older devices.
    This method is detailed in the second part of this article.

Sign in with Google

Sign in with Google is a quick and easy method to sign in to Websites, Apps, and Devices, it is very secure and saves you from having to remember any passwords other than the one to your Google Account.

  1. In Outlook navigate to
    File → Account Information → Add Account.
    Enter your Gmail address into the email field.

    If you are using a version of Outlook compatible with “Sign in with Google” you will see a window similar to this
    (If you are using another app or device there are some more examples below of the button we are looking for)
outlook log in page
  1.  A smaller window should pop out looking similar to this (if you are on an Apple computer this window will look slightly different.)
  1.  If your account appears simply click on it. Then press “Confirm” on the next page and allow any permissions the app may request. You should then be signed in.
    If your account does not appear select “Use another account” and use your Gmail account as the email and your Gmail password to sign in. You should then be able to proceed and sign in.

Using an older version of Outlook

This section will outline the steps taken to create an App Password for any older app or device the steps are identical across all older apps and devices. just replace Outlook with the app or device of your choice. 

If you use your personal Gmail account in Outlook it is likely that you started to experience issues recently. These issues include:

  • Can’t log in
  • Can send but not receive emails
  • Pop-ups requesting you sign in again

If you are having this issue the solution is thankfully pretty simple.

  1. Go to and sign in to the account you wish to use with Outlook.
  2. On the left-hand side of your screen select the security tab.
  1. Now, under the heading “Signing in to Google” ensure “2-Step Verification” is turned on. If it is not on turn it on, you will then need to enter a mobile number. I suggest you then select the SMS option and a code will be SMSed to you. You can verify your phone number with this code. Once successfully turned on you will see this at the top of your page.
  1. Press the back arrow next to the “2-Step Verification” Header and return to the security tab.
  2. The “Signing in to Google” section should now look like the image below. Select the “App passwords” option. (You may be asked for your password)
  1. Click on the “Select App” button and choose “Other (Custom name)”
  1. Set the name as “Outlook” and press “GENERATE”
  1. A pop-up will appear and display your 16-digit password. This is the password you will use to sign in to your Gmail account on Outlook. Save it somewhere safe but you can always repeat this process if you lose it.
  1. If Outlook doesn’t prompt you for your login information you can add a new account in the account settings of Outlook. Sign in with your Gmail address and the 16-digit code you just made. (If there is an option to save your password it is recommended to turn it ON)
  2. After logging in you should be able to hit the send/receive button and watch as all of your emails synchronise to Outlook.

For more information here is Microsoft’s article on how to Add a Gmail account to Outlook.

If at any stage you find yourself struggling with the process or would simply have someone else take care of the hassle contact us at Fix My Tech. Our expert computer technicians are local in Melbourne and eager to help.