We repair iMac computers in Melbourne

If your older iMac is running slow we can breathe new life into. Most older apple desktops run slow because they have slow hard disks. We can upgrade your older mac with a solid state hard disk which will make it run faster than new.

Today we helped a customer upgrade his older 27″ iMac. The computer was from 2013 and we installed a solid state disk. This sped it up so much. After the repair it started up much faster and the rainbow wheel stopped showing, we estimate it is now 10x faster than before the upgrades.

We have a fully equipped lab where we can open your mac up and give it a good internal clean. Dust builds up inside and you should regularly get your computer internally cleaned and dusted.

Whatever your apple computer issue is, we have the experience to get it fixed. Your computer might need a tuneup or it might have a hardware issue. We offer same day service and and repairs. Check out our post regarding imac repair in Caulfield

Try us today. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and quality repairs.