What was the problem with the internet?

Graeme came past the Fix My Tech office and explained that his internet would not work on their home computer. That morning one of our computer technicians was sent out to diagnose and solve the internet issues.

Upon arrival, our technician determined that the internet was working fine and the issue was with his computer. Other computers had an internet connection, phones were still working correctly. This made it clear that the problem was with the computer specifically rather than the wifi modem or the NBN.

What was the solution: Wifi Troubleshooting

Our technician began troubleshooting and found something had gone wrong with the wifi settings. The home computer could connect to some wifi but not others. Our technician then went into the connections settings for the iMac and reset and reconfigured the network settings for the home internet connection. The home internet was working again.

If you can’t connect to the internet call us and one of our friendly technicians will come out the same day to solve the issue. We have lots of experience dealing with Telstra networks, Optus networks, and many other providers. If you are having internet outages, connection issues, or NBN problems do not hesitate to contact us.

Here is a great article by Apple on the steps you could try at home before calling us:

How we can solve the issue remotely

In some cases, we are able to fix the issue via remote support by connecting to your computer. You are welcome to call one of our friendly technicians and they’ll be happy to guide you through some simple troubleshooting to get you back online and solve the problem. When using remote support it is often the case that the problem can be solved even faster in the event that a technician is unavailable to help you in your home. So rather than wait for someone to be available this can be a great option you get you up and running again as soon as possible. Check out our post regarding Adam in Caulfield South

Please do not hesitate to call us or drop by our workshop if you have any technical issues.