Sam brought in his laptop because it was full of errors and randomly switching off. He couldn’t get anything done. During the assessment, our technician found that the laptop’s internal fan was malfunctioning. This malfunctioning fan was causing errors to pop up on the laptop and also causing random shutdowns. It was time for a fan replacement.

When a laptop’s internal fan is malfunctioning the laptop can’t cool down properly. To stop the laptop from cooking itself it will turn off. This is what is happening during these random shutdowns. Here is an article about the signs and dangers of laptops overheating.

To solve the malfunction the fan needed to be replaced. Our technicians dismantled the laptop to remove the fan, during this process we noticed a large amount of dust inside the laptop. To improve performance and guarantee consistency the laptop was internally cleaned and the dust removed. When replacing the fan our technician also insured to replace the thermal paste to ensure maximum performance. Check out our post regarding Laptop blue screen repair in Brighton BSOD

Sam’s laptop was returned to him same day totally problem-free. If your laptop is too hot, or too noisy, there is a good chance you will need a fan replacement. Call our friendly technicians on 9016 5383 and we will be happy to help you. Our technicians have dozens of years of experience and are always eager to help.

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