Helen’s laptop was dead. She was going to have to buy a new laptop when this one wasn’t even old yet. Thankfully, she brought her laptop to Fix My Tech before it was condemned to a landfill. Once the laptop was in our technicians’ hands we knew there were some simple steps we could take to ensure Helen got the value you should expect out of an expensive machine. You should expect at least 3 years out of a good laptop. At Fix My Tech we can help ensure that’s what you get, we are experts in laptop repair.

Our highly experienced technicians got the computer back to life in minutes. Now to make sure it never happened again. We repaired the software that controls the computer and patched it to ensure Helen was getting the most out of her laptop. We performed a full security check on the laptop to guarantee Helen’s digital safety. Now her laptop was as good as new, we expect she will get much more time out of her laptop and won’t have to buy a new one for a while yet. You might be interested in laptop repair in Brighton East

While Helen was visiting our technicians also set up her new iPhone, just to ensure everything was convenient and working correctly.

To get more out of your laptop call Fix My Tech. Our technicians can guarantee you get the maximum value out of the laptop you’ve paid for with local laptop repair. Call us at 9016 5383. Or find out more about Laptop repair with Fix My Tech.