Jane’s laptop was in desperate need of repair. She relied on her laptop to run her business, and now it was turning itself off randomly. Luckily, she knew to bring her laptop to Fix My Tech for a laptop repair local to Malvern.

Thanks to the experience of our technicians an overheating issue was diagnosed rapidly. Overheating is like a fever for your laptop. Just like you, your laptop doesn’t work well with a fever, it may turn off randomly, feel excessively hot, and make much more noise than usual.

We dismantled the laptop. Once inside our technicians’ suspicions were confirmed. Dust. The inside of this laptop was caked in dust. When a laptop is full of dust it can’t cool down properly and turns itself off before any major damage can be done by the excessive heat. Our technicians removed dusty parts of the laptop to be thoroughly cleaned. During this process, it became clear that there was additional damage to some important cooling components so these were replaced to insure perfect performance. Check out our post regarding keyboard replacement in Caulfield

Just like that, the laptop worked perfectly. No more overheating and the laptop was much quieter than before. All this was done first thing in the morning and Jane picked her laptop up that afternoon.

If your laptop is excessively hot or noisy then it is showing the early signs of overheating. Bring your sick laptop down to Fix My Tech and we will have it back to you in excellent condition in no time.

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