You may be wondering what does it mean “the cloud”. Recently, it has become a marketing jargon used to describe technology that is internet based and accessible using the internet. Its a new age word for the modern internet. I will be outlining here how I believe “the cloud” can best aid your business to be more productive. Before the cloud, if you wanted features of a server such as: shared file storage, remote access and web access to things like email and calendar. You would need to purchase a dedicated server (costly, not to mention maintenance). For the smaller business (less than 30 employees), the cost in time and money of this would rule it out as an option. Today you can purchase through subscription, your own personal cloud giving you all the features of a server without the setup cost and headache of maintenance. Two shining stars of this cloud technology are Google and Microsoft. I have tested both of their products Google apps for business and Office 365. The subscription fees are $5/month for the google product and $6/month for the Microsoft product. I use Google for my business cloud. I like it because it takes advantage of Google’s spam filter eliminating a lot of spam. Both products are fantastic, eliminating the need for most small to medium businesses needing a physical server. If you would like to find out more, check out these links: Google apps for business Office 365