The most common reason why your Teams button suddenly disappeared from Outlook.

Have you been using the teams meeting button in outlook and it suddenly dissapeared?

The most common reason for the teams meeting button to disappear is outlook has disabled the teams plugin. Outlook checks every time it starts to see if something is slowing it down and will disable the teams button integration.

The fix is really easy, you just have to click on:

  1. On the File tab,
  2. click ‘Manage COM Add-ins’
  3. under ‘Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins’
  4. You’ll see a list of add-ins. Locate the Microsoft Teams entry and click ‘Always enable this add-in’, as shown in the images below, and select ‘Apply’.

I have some images below of step 2 and step 3 so you can see what the clicks should look like. I hope this is helpful. If you need some assistance with your Microsoft Teams please contact us for immediate service.

If this quick fix didn’t work for you, there can be other reasons why teams meeting buttons don’t work. Below I have listed some longer troubleshooting steps you can take or just call us and we’ll fix it for you.

1) Completely remove Teams from you computer and re-install it. Its important to download it again from teams online where there is an option to download the teams for business application.

2)Update your Microsoft office software because if the version is really old then the teams button wont work.