We are NBN accredited advisors. This means we are well equipped to help you navigate your options when choosing an NBN provider. Fix My Tech provide unbiased advice as we are not affiliated with any particular internet provider. This means you can get good honest unbiased advice as to which internet provider to choose and we can help get you connected.

We are experts in networking and can ensure you have great internet connectivity throughout your property Whether it be business or residential our technicians will ensure you have the best possible internet at your property.

We perform a full site audit for all our clients before making any recommendations. If we uncover any weak spots where internet might be slow, we ensure its is attended to ensuring full coverage throughout your property. You might be interested in Meet Ashan our Local Glen Waverley based Tech

Choose us and see for yourself the quality of our workmanship and speedy customer service. 

For more information and or for a quick telephone consultation feel free to call us now.


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