Paul gave us a call on Friday morning concerned because his computer wouldn’t turn on. After the power went out in his home and his high-end gaming computer would not start despite being connected to a surge protector. It was time for a computer repair.

Our computer technician visited Paul within an hour to pick up the broken computer. We found a  solution in no time. Our computer technicians fixed Paul’s computer and returned it to him the same day.

Our customers value fast service and the highest quality computer repairs in Melbourne. We took all the stress out of fixing Paul’s computer. The instant we received Paul’s approval we hand-picked quality replacement parts for the computer repair. We diagnosed a faulty power supply and selected a quality replacement, we then dismantled Paul’s computer and replaced the faulty part. Finally, we organised the cables to hide them and the computer was looking even better than before it failed.

If you are concerned about your power supply here is a great article on how to do some basic checks at home.

If you have a computer that won’t turn on you can trust the experienced technicians at Fix My Tech to find the best solution for you. Fix My Tech delivers same-day or next-day repairs for tech issues and our technicians are friendly and happy to help. We follow up with short phone calls after a repair to ensure perfect results. We are thorough, efficient and eager to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any technological concerns. You might be interested in one pc hard drive