James brought in his older MacBook because it was slow and unresponsive. He wanted to know what we could do so he could keep using the MacBook for a while longer. Thankfully, our technicians are experts at refurbishing older MacBooks and knew to recommend an SSD Upgrade.

By upgrading the part of your MacBook that hold data our technicians can breathe new life into a MacBook that’s so slow it’s impossible to use. We take the hard drive out of the MacBook and replace it with an SSD. This method of refurbishing older MacBooks generates speed increases of 3-20X, his laptop is now even faster than when it was brand new.

Before installing the upgraded drive we clone all of the data from the laptop onto the new drive, this way you can pick up right where you left off when using the MacBook again. Only now, it will be so much nicer to work with.

While refurbishing his laptop we gave it an internal clean and dust to remove the build-up of dust and dirt from inside an older MacBook. By cleaning the inside of the MacBook we insure it stays cool which is vital to the speed and consistency of any computer. Check out our post regarding remote support for Mayra in Brighton

If you have an older MacBook laying around we recommend our MacBook tune-up and refurbishment service to continue using that MacBook.

If you’re interested or have any questions give our friendly technicians a call on 9016 5383 and we will be happy to help and guide you.