If you need affordable same day data recovery in Melbourne then we can help. We are specialists in data recovery and are able to recover your data same day in most cases.

If your equipment that needs data recovery is still powered on, make sure you turn it off now to maximise the chance of recovering your files.

We understand that getting that important file next week is not good enough so we are offering an affordable same day data recovery service. In most cases we can recover your files within 6 hours. We will begin working on your files immediately. We will first try and recover the most important items and then attempt a full recovery.

If you have a lot of files/data then the recovery process can take longer, in some cases up to 48 hours. Rest assured if it can be recovered quickly then we will recovery it quickly.

This service is successful in 80% of cases. We will need to assess your equipment to ensure we can complete the recovery. If the assessment finds that your equipment is still mechanically/electrically OK then we can proceed in rebuilding your files and recover your important data.

So try us today.