How do we protect your data?

A Macbook Air from 2020 arrived at the workshop, after an update the computer was stuck on the updating screen. The data was not backed up and was very important. We recovered the files/data. We confirmed the issue was stuck MacBook update and our technicians fixed the laptop and made sure all the files were recovered.

How we fixed a stuck Macbook update

Our technicians then followed the steps to repair the installation of Mac OS Big Sur that was causing the issue. The files were 100% safe and securely recovered. We went ahead by upgrading the Macbook to the latest Apple operating system. Now the Macbook was as good as new, it was faster than ever and ready for anything. All there is left to do now is replace the files on the now refurbished computer.

Following Apple’s instructions, our computer technicians used Apple Migration Assistant to recover all the files from the external drive. This way the computer would have all important documents exactly as they were before the Macbook had any issues. Unfortunately, things were not so simple. During the recovery process, the Macbook crashed due to a software error, thankfully due to our precautions all files were completely unharmed.

Our technician contacted Apple on the customer’s behalf. Dealing with manufacturers can be a difficult and stressful process so we like to take the hassle out of that experience for our customers. After extensive discussion with Apple’s representative and an appropriate course of action decided the restoration could continue. We recovered all important data to the Macbook. Check out our post regarding Solved Internet Problems in Brighton East

What Results can I expect?

As a result of this repair, the Macbook is running better than ever on the most modern operating system. Our customer now has access to all the latest features Apple offers and has peace of mind knowing all of his data is completely secure.

If you’re having any issues updating your Macbook or would like some assistance moving to the latest operating system to unlock more features from Apple please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Caufield computer technicians are friendly and eager to help. At Fix My Tech we pride ourselves on the quality and timeliness of our service and will deliver you the best possible results every time.
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