Notebook laptop

Laptop screen and keyboard replacement in Caulfield

A Dell Inspiron N5110 notebook damaged by spilt tea was assessed to continue to function fully if it were fitted with replacement parts. A brand new screen and keyboard were fitted and the laptop was delivered to a happy customer.

Remote support for Mayra in Brighton

Troubleshoot Printing issue, the printer is functioning correctly after troubleshooting the issue using remote support.

Troubleshoot DSL router issues – Brighton

Troubleshoot router issues and diagnose a line fault.

Data recovery in Brighton

laptop not turning on. Hard disk was recovered and placed in an external enclosure to enable file browsing.

Laptop blue screen repair in Brighton BSOD

Felicity in Brighton: Laptop blue screen repair. Diagnosed faulty hard disk, laptop over 8 years old not worth repairing. Performed data recovery and all data recovered.