PC and Mac Computer repair Brighton

Laptop Repair in Hampton

A laptop was brought in that would not start up properly. After assessment it was found that there was a fault in the DC circuit and that the component of the laptop that connects to the charger needs to be replaced. Once replaced, the computer worked properly again. All tested OK.

Laptop Repair in St Kilda

A laptop was not starting up into Windows as it should be. When it was assessed in Fix My Tech HQ it was found to be a corrupt installation of the operating system. The personal data on the drive was recovered, then the operating system was installed and the data restored. The laptop resumed working with all photos and personal documents available as they were, all tested OK.

wireless printer configuration

Printer Support in Brighton

Fix My Tech was contacted for a printer that was not working in Brighton. An expert technician was sent on site and it was found to be incorrectly configured. The printer was configured so it could be used by all devices through AirPrint and the network. All tested OK

Computer repair MAC and PC

Laptop tunep service and SSD speed upgrade in Brighton

Richard from Brighton presented a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop for repair. We quickly assesed it and found a 10x performance boost was achievable by replacing the internal storage. Prior to the repair the laptop was extremeley slow and un-usable. Now the laptop runs really quick and responds instantly opening programs imeediateley.

Another happy customer served in  brighton for a computer tuneup service and storage upgrade.


Fix WiFi and internet speed in St Kilda

A family home with poor internet speeds was causing grief for everyone. We came in and found that the WiFi device was not doing the job. A replacement business grade WiFi device was installed and instantly fixed the issue. Now the internet works well in every room of the house.

Computer Repair and Support

Computer Repair in Ormond

Computer was stuck in a startup repair loop. Windows could not self repair. We diagnosed a faulty driver from Trend Micro Antivirus. We removed the buggy driver from antivirus fro Trend Micro and installed a better Antivirus product. Alll tested ok and completed same day.

HP laptop screen repair and replacement in Caulfield

Same day HP laptop screen replacement was performed. Another happy Fix My Tech Customer…

Computer repair MAC and PC

Fixed slow internet and computer tuneup in Caulfield

Hilda from Caulfield had a very slow internet connection. We came out and optimized her network and fixed a fault on the internet line. Her computer was running slow so we tuned it up and made it run like new. She also had a MAC computer ( a laptop) we also tuned it up and set up iCloud to automatically back up her phone and computer. Another happy Fix My Tech customer.

Fixed computer freezing in Caulfield: faulty brand new RAM

Fixed computer freezing in Caulfield. faulty brand new RAM
Desktop computer freezing in Caulfield came in for repair as it was freezing randomly. The customer had built their own computer and was sold by another shop a faulty pair of RAM memory. We did a thorough diagnosis of the hardware and discovered an issue with one of the RAM sticks. We helped the customer claim warranty on the faulty parts and resolved the issue quickly.

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair in Melbourne

Fix my tech offers exception laptop repair services in Melbourne. We offer speedy same day quality repairs. We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship and speedy service.  Try us now with $20OFF for new customers.