Fixed computer freezing in Caulfield: faulty brand new RAM

Fixed computer freezing in Caulfield. faulty brand new RAM
Desktop computer freezing in Caulfield came in for repair as it was freezing randomly. The customer had built their own computer and was sold by another shop a faulty pair of RAM memory. We did a thorough diagnosis of the hardware and discovered an issue with one of the RAM sticks. We helped the customer claim warranty on the faulty parts and resolved the issue quickly.

Desktop Computer Repair in Caulfield

Desktop computer came in with a failing hard drive. Data was recovered and backed up immediately and Windows and software reinstalled on new, faster hard disk. Computer was also very dusty so was cleaned out and is now running cooler and quieter.

Desktop Computer Repair in St Kilda

Desktop computer wasn’t booting. Found to be a faulty power supply. Part was replaced with a quality Corsair unit and is now working smoothly.

Desktop Repair in Brighton

Rose’s desktop would not turn on, after being serviced it resumed working.

Same day return with delivery and pickup.