windows 7 on MAC

Configure apple laptop for use with Microsoft Windows in Elwood

Laptop software only supports Microsoft Windows. Configured Macbook for use with Microsoft Windows software. Configured E-mail in Outlook and set up backup. MAC laptop repair successful in Elwood.

reset windows password

Reset Forgotten password on Laptop running Microsoft Windows in Brighton East

Forgotten password on laptop running Windows XP. Reset the windows password.

Repair corrupt Java installation on Laptop in Elwood

Certain websites not loading. Found corrupt Java installation. Repaired Java on laptop. All tested Ok

DC Jack repair Elwood. Laptop not powering on.

Hayley in Elwood: Laptop DC jack faulty un-repairable. Performed a data recovery. All data recovered successfully.

Laptop repair Melbourne

Laptop repair Melbourne

Zoe in Elwood: Salon Software setup and installation of new sales computer

Computer Repair in Elwood Hair Salon: Installed and configured new salon software and hardware. New bar code scanner installed. All tested OK