ssd upgrade

SSD Upgrade in Brighton

A slow computer was brought into Fix My Tech HQ. After assessment a hard drive replacement was recommended. By replacing the old hard disk with a new solid state disk the computer was faster than from the factory.

Laptop Hard Disk Replacement Bentleigh

A customer’s laptop refused to boot after a shut down. The hard disk was diagnosed to have failed and need replacing, the laptop was returned same day with a clean operating system install. The old disk was enclosed and available to be used as an external drive. Same day service left a customer very happy with his repaired laptop. All tested and working

Virtual Operating System Repair South Melbourne

A Macbook running Parallels (a software to run windows in iOS) setup to have an dynamically expanding disk was showing errors for basic tasks. A technician went on site and configured the HDD appropriately, allowing the customer to resume normal use of their computer.  All tested and working