Refurbished older macbook

We repaired a 2009 Macbook laptop that came in running very slowly and unresponsive. We gave it a full clean out of dust and upgraded the hard drive. The macbook pro range are very well made computers and worth repairing. It now runs on a blazing fast SSD hard drive which has increased its speed by up to 20X, faster than when it was brand new due to the new hard drive technology. The user’s data was migrated to the new drive.

We recommend anyone who has an old macbook pro lying around to give it a second life with out apple Macbook tuneup and repair service.

Apple Macbook Pro 13″ A1278 cracked screen repair in Melbourne

Roy in Melbourne: Repaired Apple Macbook Pro 13″ cracked screen. Replaced screen. Faulty Hard disk found and replaced hard disk and recovered data. Computer Repair completed. All tested OK.

MAC laptop repair in Hampton

Roy in Hampton: Mac laptop repair, running slow repaired macbook pro. Cracked screen repair. All computer repair completed.