Laptop screen replacement

Laptop with a cracked screen came in. We replaced it same day within just a few hours, a prompt service we offer here.

Refurbished older macbook

We repaired a 2009 Macbook laptop that came in running very slowly and unresponsive. We gave it a full clean out of dust and upgraded the hard drive. The macbook pro range are very well made computers and worth repairing. It now runs on a blazing fast SSD hard drive which has increased its speed by up to 20X, faster than when it was brand new due to the new hard drive technology. The user’s data was migrated to the new drive.

We recommend anyone who has an old macbook pro lying around to give it a second life with out apple Macbook tuneup and repair service.

On-site system setup and configuration

We come to you for your convenience. New computer? We will set it up for you, transfer your data across, setup your email and software, printers and other peripherals. We are thorough and leave no stone unturned.

On-site computer support and repair

A popular service we offer here at Fix My Tech is an on-site assessment of your equipment and computers in your home or office. If the issue is something that can be resolved on-site we fix it on the spot. We also have a pickup and drop off service for your convenience. In either case we will have everything working as promptly as possible so you don’t go without. Your convenience is our priority. All computer repairs are backed by our no-fix-no-fee guarantee.

Macbook Pro Speed Upgrade in Caulfield

Macbook Pro running a bit slow. Hard disk upgraded to a new 500GB SSD to reach speeds up to 10x faster. Data and settings were transferred from the old drive for the user’s convenience.

Desktop Computer Repair in Caulfield

Desktop computer came in with a failing hard drive. Data was recovered and backed up immediately and Windows and software reinstalled on new, faster hard disk. Computer was also very dusty so was cleaned out and is now running cooler and quieter.

Desktop Computer Repair in St Kilda

Desktop computer wasn’t booting. Found to be a faulty power supply. Part was replaced with a quality Corsair unit and is now working smoothly.

iMac Repair in Caulfield

iMac 21″ wasn’t booting up. Diagnosed to have a faulty hard drive. Drive was replaced and upgraded and Mac OS installed and configured.

Macbook data migration in Caulfield South

Old macbook laptop with a failing hard drive backed up and moved to new Macbook Pro. Client now has access to old data.

Cryptolocker Virus Resolved in Malvern

Server computer repair: Crypto encryption virus rendered shop server defunct. Faulty power supply unit also needed replacing. Power supply replaced with quality Corsair unit and two new 1TB hard drives were installed and setup Windows Server with software. Computer now stable and protected against attackers.