Refurbished older macbook

We repaired a 2009 Macbook laptop that came in running very slowly and unresponsive. We gave it a full clean out of dust and upgraded the hard drive. The macbook pro range are very well made computers and worth repairing. It now runs on a blazing fast SSD hard drive which has increased its speed by up to 20X, faster than when it was brand new due to the new hard drive technology. The user’s data was migrated to the new drive.

We recommend anyone who has an old macbook pro lying around to give it a second life with out apple Macbook tuneup and repair service.

All-in-one PC hard drive replacement and speed-up

An all in one PC came in running very slowly. We diagnosed the hard drive as failing and replaced it with one of the new style SSD hard drives to increase the performance by up to 10X. The users data was recovered and transferred to the new drive. A very good upgrade for a nice machine. Fix My Tech specialise in repairing computers running slow in Melbourne.

Macbook Pro Speed Upgrade in Caulfield

Macbook Pro running a bit slow. Hard disk upgraded to a new 500GB SSD to reach speeds up to 10x faster. Data and settings were transferred from the old drive for the user’s convenience.

Desktop Faulty Hardware Repair in Caulfield South

Computer repair in Caulfield South.

Desktop computer came in not booting and Windows was unable to be reinstalled. Diagnosis showed a faulty RAM stick and hard drive. A new fast SSD hard drive was installed and the faulty RAM stick replaced, computer now running faster than it ever did and will be reliable machine.

ssd upgrade

SSD Upgrade in Brighton

A slow computer was brought into Fix My Tech HQ. After assessment a hard drive replacement was recommended. By replacing the old hard disk with a new solid state disk the computer was faster than from the factory.

Laptop Hard Disk Replacement Bentleigh

A customer’s laptop refused to boot after a shut down. The hard disk was diagnosed to have failed and need replacing, the laptop was returned same day with a clean operating system install. The old disk was enclosed and available to be used as an external drive. Same day service left a customer very happy with his repaired laptop. All tested and working

Windows 10 Upgrade in Gardenvale

A family desktop PC was running Windows 7 slowly. A new SSD to run programs quickly was installed to compliment the large HDD to store the family’s memories and an upgrade to Windows 10 was completed. All tested as working

Jacqui in Caulfield North – Diagnose and replace failing Hard Drive

Diagnose and replace failing Hard Drive with a Solid State Disk.

data recovery – Port Melbourne

Data recovery and SSD upgrade on HP laptop

MAC min late 2014 2015 SSD upgrade Hard Disk in Malvern

Pen in Malvern: Upgraded MAC mini hard disk to 512Gb solid state disk. All tested Ok