reset windows password

Reset Forgotten password on Laptop running Microsoft Windows in Brighton East

Forgotten password on laptop running Windows XP. Reset the windows password.

Troubleshoot Windows installation for Jack in Port Melbourne

Laptop had a corrupt restore partition, a clean Windows install was performed and drivers were updated.

Troubleshoot keyboard and trackpad issue for David in Caulfield North

A recent windows update caused issues with laptop keyboard and track-pad, a rollback to a previous system restore point was performed and windows updates were performed again with no issues.

Adam in Caulfield South – NAS drive issues

Diagnose and repair faulty NAS drive issue. NAS drive is working correctly now.

Computer Repair

troubleshoot server internet issues for Michelle in Collingwood

Troubleshoot server internet issues and webpage issues. all is working correctly and efficiently now

Local tech support for businesses in Melbourne

Troubleshoot network issues for Joe in Albert Park

Troubleshoot network issues on POS system. Network activity is working efficiently now

I.T. tech support in Albert Park e-mail troubleshooting

It tech support in Albert Park: Email troubleshooting. Identified a malware infection on server. Cleaned infection and restored e-mail functionality.