All-in-one PC hard drive replacement and speed-up

An all in one PC came in running very slowly. We diagnosed the hard drive as failing and replaced it with one of the new style SSD hard drives to increase the performance by up to 10X. The users data was recovered and transferred to the new drive. A very good upgrade for a nice machine. Fix My Tech specialise in repairing computers running slow in Melbourne.

Macbook Pro Speed Upgrade in Caulfield

Macbook Pro running a bit slow. Hard disk upgraded to a new 500GB SSD to reach speeds up to 10x faster. Data and settings were transferred from the old drive for the user’s convenience.

Desktop Faulty Hardware Repair in Caulfield South

Computer repair in Caulfield South.

Desktop computer came in not booting and Windows was unable to be reinstalled. Diagnosis showed a faulty RAM stick and hard drive. A new fast SSD hard drive was installed and the faulty RAM stick replaced, computer now running faster than it ever did and will be reliable machine.

hdd to ssd upgrade improve performance

HDD Upgrades

A laptop was brought in that was not booting into windows. The drive was diagnosed as faulty and an upgrade to a solid state drive was recommended.

When a computer reads data from a hard drive it uses technology similar to any record, CD or DVD player. It is limited by the rotation speed of the platters to read and write from the disc that is spinning. Due to this moving part it uses a large amount of power and is fragile to shocks. One way that hard drives have improved over time is by increasing the RPM they spin at, a standard drive will run at 5400RPM, some hard drives will be labelled as “green” or “power saving” meaning that they operate at a lower RPM.

A solid state drive uses circuitry to store data and is has no moving parts. As it has no moving parts and doesn’t require a spinning disc it is less fragile to shocks. While an SSD upgrade doesn’t improve the clock speed of a computer, it means that the data can be read more rapidly allowing shorter boot, program and application launch times. An average improvement is about 1000% increase in speed of reading.

The upgrade for the laptop brought in was successful and the user’s data was migrated to the new drive. The laptop is faster than it was out of the shop, but set up how the user likes it.

Windows operating system upgrade for Gloria in Caulfield South

Upgrade Operating System from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and configure 4G mobile broadband.

data recovery – Port Melbourne

Data recovery and SSD upgrade on HP laptop

John in Gardenvale. Laptop and Router troubleshooting

Asus Laptop battery replaced. Home router was upgraded and configured.

MAC min late 2014 2015 SSD upgrade Hard Disk in Malvern

Pen in Malvern: Upgraded MAC mini hard disk to 512Gb solid state disk. All tested Ok