Laptop Repair in St Kilda

A laptop was not starting up into Windows as it should be. When it was assessed in Fix My Tech HQ it was found to be a corrupt installation of the operating system. The personal data on the drive was recovered, then the operating system was installed and the data restored. The laptop resumed working with all photos and personal documents available as they were, all tested OK.

Virus Removal Caulfield

A computer was brought in with an encryption virus. Any data that had not been damaged was recovered before the virus was removed and the laptop restored to its functional state. The computer was returned to the customer fitted with anti-virus software.

Virus removal in Caulfield

A computer was brought in with annoying popups which had made the computer slow down.

The virus was removed and the computer worked normally again.

Local tech support for businesses in Melbourne

Virus Removal in Caulfield

A customer approached Fix My Tech with a laptop that was not working correctly. There were advertisements appearing on all websites and the computer had slowed down significantly. It was hard to use the computer due to the ads blocking pages and slowing the notebook.

After a few hours in Fix My Tech Headquarters the virus had been removed and the laptop was working correctly again.

All tested as working, proud Fixer, happy customer.

server repair

Encrypted Virus Removal and Remediation

Computer infected with virus that encrypts files. Virus removal completed and recovery of files performed. All tested OK.

Protect yourself from this type of infection by having good anti virus installed and performing regular backups. Call us to arrange protection from this threat.

Virus removal in Brighton

We were contacted by a parent concerned with a virus on their child’s computer, it was adding advertisements to their browser and slowing the computer down. After being services the threat was removed and the computer returned to a good speed, making it easy to be used fully again. No more ads were showing, all tested and working.

MAC repair Caulfield

The best free virus removal tool for MAC

It is a myth that Apple MAC computers do not get viruses and malware. In the past 12 months I have seen many apple computers come in for virus removal. Below I am sharing the best tool I have found to clean even stubborn infections in  minutes.



Yarrave in Caulfield South – troubleshoot outlook and system clock issues.

 Laptop had malware causing it to display the wrong date and time as well as conflicting with Outlook. Virus removal and a PC tune up were performed.

virus removal

Susan in Caufield South – Virus removal on MacBook

virus removal and PC Tuneup on MacBook Pro

business tech support in Albert Park

configure remote support on 4 PC’s to perform PC tuneups and virus removals remotely and out of business hours. All PC’s are running efficiently