Macbook Air Virus Removal in Caulfield

Macbook infected with browser hijacker and malicious files. Computer thoroughly cleaned and returned to owner in great shape.

Cryptolocker Virus Resolved in Malvern

Server computer repair: Crypto encryption virus rendered shop server defunct. Faulty power supply unit also needed replacing. Power supply replaced with quality Corsair unit and two new 1TB hard drives were installed and setup Windows Server with software. Computer now stable and protected against attackers.

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Virus Removal in Caulfield

A customer approached Fix My Tech with a laptop that was not working correctly. There were advertisements appearing on all websites and the computer had slowed down significantly. It was hard to use the computer due to the ads blocking pages and slowing the notebook.

After a few hours in Fix My Tech Headquarters the virus had been removed and the laptop was working correctly again.

All tested as working, proud Fixer, happy customer.

Yarrave in Caulfield South – troubleshoot outlook and system clock issues.

 Laptop had malware causing it to display the wrong date and time as well as conflicting with Outlook. Virus removal and a PC tune up were performed.

3 Easy steps to fix browser pop ups and remove virsues/malware yourself

This guide will teach you how to easily clean a PC running Microsoft Windows.

Follow these simple steps to fix most problems caused by annoying pop ups and unwanted software. The whole process will take less than 40 minutes (bad cases will take up to 2 hours) and will leave your computer running smoothly especially if you have accumulated annoying pop ups and malware/viruses.

1) Download pop ups and malware/virus removaland run adwcleaner: This program has two buttons you need to use “scan” and “clean”. Cannot be any easier. It will scan your computer for annoying toolbars and pop ups and will clean them.

pop ups and malware/virus removal2) Download and install ccleaner: This program has two buttons you need to use “Analyse” and “Clean”. This programs will clear out unwanted temporary files that have accumulated. You might want to un-tick some of the check boxes to keep things such as recently typed url’s, however the default options are ok.

pop ups and malware/virus removal3) Download and install Malwarebytes Anti Malware: Once installed press the “Fix Now” button, once the scan is complete (20min-40min) click “remove selected” items. This program is an excellent tool for cleaning out any viruses/malware your antivirus software might have missed.

This guide touches only the very basics of pop up removal and virus/malware removal, you might want an experienced I.T. technician to perform a professional tune-up. There are many additional things that can and should be done to immunise and protect a computer from viruses, malware and pop-ups. Feel free to call or e-mail me for more information.

Chrome pop up repair and virus removal in Moorabbin

Paul in Moorabbin: Chrome pop ups issue, found virus and malware infection, computer tune up performed. Virus removal successful.