Deb in Hampton had an iMac desktop computer that was running slowly. We removed and replaced the hard disk with a 10 times faster solid state disk. Debs data was saved just in time as her old hard disk was failing. Upgrading to SSD ensured the data was safe.

7 Reasons why you should consider a solid state disk (SSD) upgrade today.

  1. It will make your computer faster. Solid state electrical disks are much faster then the older style mechanical disks
  2. Faster multitasking: your computer will handle doing multiple tasks better. Antivirus scans will complete quicker. Updates will be smoother. Programs will open faster.
  3. Power saving. SSD’s use less power than older disks. This increases battery life and is better for the environment.
  4. Cooler temperatures. SSD’s produce less heat. This means your computer will run cooler. A cooler computer should last longer. 
  5. Less noisy. SSD’s contain no moving parts so are quieter. They also run cooler meaning your computer fans are quieter as they don’t need to work as hard to keep things cool.
  6. Tougher: Solid state disk are shock resistant. They were originally  a military grade technology and can handle being knocked about. This keeps your data secured in the event of a drop and shock.
  7. Can be added to your computer as additional storage. You can keep your old disks while adding an SSD and get the benefits of increased storage space and system performance.

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